Pour les usagers insatisfaits des services du Réseau de la santé et des services sociaux sur l'Île de Montréal

User rights

The user rights recognized by the Health and Social Services Act are as follow:

  • Right to be informed about the health and social services available in his living environment, as well as the manner to access these services and resources;
  • Right to receive services adequated in terms of scientific, human and social nature, in a personal and safe manner, on a continuity basis, according to the resources available;
  • Right to select the practician or the institution providing the services, considering the organization and the resources available to the institution;
  • Right to receive treatment in case of emergency. Any person whose life or integrity is threatened has the right to receive care appropriate to her condition;
  • Right to be informed about own health condition, available options, risks and consequences before agreeing to treatment. Right to be informed, as soon as possible, about any accident which occured during the treatment; and potential consequences on health or well-being and right to be informed about the actions taken to prevent the recurrence of such accident;
  • Right to receive accommodation as required by health condition;
  • Right to give or decline own consent. Without consent, no one should be given any care of any kind, being examination, sampling, treatment or any other intervention . The consent must be explicit, free and informed;
  • Right to take part in any decision impacting on own health condition or well-being (for example, right to take part in the treatment plan, in the personalized service plan and to the revision of such plans);
  • Right to be accompanied and assisted in order to get information in relation to a service provided;
  • Right to be represented  in the case of a minor or a full age inapt person;
  • Right to access own file and right to maintain its confidentiality;
  • Right to receive services in English according to the resource availability and to the extend specified in the accessiblity program;
  • Right to exercice a recourse in the case of a malpractice or other;
  • Right to lay a complaint according to the complaint procedure.