Pour les usagers insatisfaits des services du Réseau de la santé et des services sociaux sur l'Île de Montréal

Complaint examination

The complaint procedure contemplates two recourses. As a first step, the complaint may be laid verbally or in writing to the Health and Social Services institution or agency, according to the services involved. The local or regional service quality and complaints commissioner shall render his justifed conclusions within 45 calendar days. The complaint may be raised to the second recourse before the Health and Social Services Ombudsman (Protecteur du citoyen) if the time limit is not met or the conclusions are not satisfactory. The conclusions of the complaint may result in the implementation of corrective actions or in recommendations.

Complaints related to treatment care provided by a practician, a dentist or a pharmacist, are directed to the local service quality and complaints commissioner. Thereafter, they are forwarded to the medical examiner responsible for this type of complaint. If conclusions are not rendered within the prescribed time limit of 45 days or if the conclusions are not satisfactory, it is possible to raise the complaint to the second recourse before the Review Committee.



The various recourses of the complaint examination procedure may be review under the following web link:

Reference for the Island of Montreal

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Toll free number : 1-877-767-2227

Local number : 514-861-5998

Fax number : 514-861-5999

Email : info@caapidm.ca


Quebec Ombudsman (Protecteur du citoyen)

c/o Mrs Raymonde Saint-Germain
Protectrice du citoyen
1080 Côte du Beaver Hall
10th floor, Suite 1000
Montreal, Quebec
H2Z 1S8
Phone: 514-873-2032 ou 1-800-463-5070
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